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We select the right partners, offer the right quality products at the right price, and always ensure that
the product & service quality is never compromised.

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Worldwide Trading

In addition, with its association with major suppliers worldwide, Asean can arrange for bunker requirements at major bunkering ports ranging from Japan to Australia, US to Russia and Africa to ports all over India. Our professionals on call are able to cater to almost any bunkering needs around the world keeping your financial and specific requirements at the forefront.

The Midnight SOS

At Asean International ltd, we are on call 24 x 7 to attend to customer requirements. As in shipping every minute counts and time is expensive, we anticipate needs and cut through red tape to respond to our clients' requirements.

The Problem Solver

With our wide knowledge and depth of experience in this field, we are uniquely equipped to find solutions to problems normally arising in the shipping industry.

Team Players

We know our business and understand yours. That's why we become more than contractors – but an essential part of the client's team.