About Us

Asean International is a reputed and prominent figure in the marine energy industry worldwide. Operating in all major, minor ports & offshore platforms globally.

Establishing its headquarters in the UAE, Asean serves as a major physical supplier in the region. Branching out, we also serve as physical suppliers in regions of East Africa.

  • Asean Tanzania Ltd

Over the years Asean International has been a pioneering service agency in the market, lead and managed by the most experienced personnel in the industry with domestic and international exposure of over 20 Years.

Our network is designed for the times. Providing bunkering services to over fifty ports worldwide, it ensures high quality services across the board, with our representatives working to high standards of excellence.

Asean's success is largely due to its multi-directional business strategy. This involves implementing strategic coalitions with domestic expertise around the globe. Furthermore, acquiring strategic assets that are key in stream lining business processes, wherever they maybe. Such partnerships and acquisitions provide as a platform for a variety of cost effective bunkering solutions available at the request of the client.

We hereby invite you to become a part of our history.